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There are more than 85,000 Britons residing in Thailand now. Additionally, there are 80,000 Japanese, 40,000 Americans, 24,000 Germans, 22,000 French… and there are many more. What is it that’s made these expats reside or retire in Thailand?

Frankly speaking, no one really knows for sure. It could be the exotic experience, year-around warm sunshine, parties, cheap booze, sporting activities, delectable cuisines, festivities, personal relationships, economical cost of living, and the list goes on and on. Maybe it’s the country’s ‘live and let live’ approach. Practically anything goes in Thailand. Whatever it is, there is no stigma or shame in being who you are – as long as you stay within the boundary of the law and general courteousness, of course!

If you are considering moving to Thailand for a long stay or for your retirement, may we suggest staying in Hua Hin. This charming town is the holiday choice for Thai royalty and the affluent in local Thai society. It is less rowdy than Bangkok or Phuket, and yet, not at all lacking in what you would expect from this magical land.

“Hua Hin is a perfect place for
families, golfers, retirees, anglers, or even aspiring writers who prefer less hustle and bustle than the usual touristy spots. Rambunctious touristic hotspots can be a bit much at times when your contemplative or meditative mode kicks in.”

Come to Hua Hin, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitable locals with their smiles of invitation. Hua Hin is a perfect place to enjoy a well-deserved rest or to recharge in order to tackle your next challenge in life… or merely to plan the next chapter. And, if the urge to party harder occasionally arises, Bangkok is just three hours away from Hua Hin by car.

After you have done your own research on Hua Hin and are thinking to follow in the footsteps of more than 2 million expats in Thailand, you should of course invest carefully, and choose a property like ours. Here, we can provide you with more than a decent roof over your head. Hua Hin is, after all, a holiday destination befitting a King.

Our development has been conceived and developed by an award-winning developer from Melbourne, Australia, Sanctuary Lakes Global Group. Please do check out our successfully implemented and delivered Sanctuary Lakes Resort project in Melbourne ( As this project managed to significantly raise the quality, standards, and value of its surrounding properties, we were awarded the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Excellence Award. You are most Welcome, Point Cook, Victoria!

“Coming back to our unique villas in Hua Hin, our architecture provides double volume ceilings in the living room and kitchen area. The generous inner sanctum is coupled with skylights that allow natural sunlight to illuminate the interior so that you can enjoy the spaciousness of the outdoor in the comfort of your own home.”

Few foreigners have the opportunity to own a landed residential property in Thailand, and far fewer have the occasion to own that property on the front row of a beautifully manicured garden and appealing lake.

A Swiss owner who bought one of our villas swims in the lake almost every day, despite having a proper pool in his own villa! We have also sold a villa to a seasoned British gentleman who frequents Hua Hin for his beloved catch-and-release fishing trips. As we say, whatever floats your boat, you can find it in Hua Hin or within Thailand itself!

“We encourage you to give us a call or drop us an email at [email protected] and find out what Hua Hin and our development can offer you and your family. Our staff in Hua Hin awaits your visit and hopefully, like the other smitten Britons, stay for good.” 

Magical Thailand awaits you...

Living In Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a small coastal town, just 2.5 hours south of Bangkok. A long stretch of gorgeous coastline, where luxury resorts, and many private bungalows still dominate the shoreline.

The family friendly atmosphere can be found in the older parts of town, the large shopping centers and the plentiful night and foodmarkets.

Hua Hin town still has a very authentic feel, with lots of modern conveniences and amenities, such as golf courses, quality hospitals, shopping centers and good transport.

Being a relatively small town, it serves very much a purpose to the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Many of the government offices are located in Hua Hin. which makes access to such services easy.

Hua Hin is clearly a choice for retired foreigners. The local population has overall a good command of English and some other languages.

Hua Hin Night Life

Hua Hin is a town without the loud noises from some of the other holiday destinations in Thailand. There are some areas where active nightlife can be found. Fun little bars, and restaurants scattered in these areas. Most of the food courts around town offer daily live music on stage.

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Visas, Permits & Licenses

Apart from a valid passport, is a valid visa of extremely importance. Depending on your personal situation, and your long term plans, the Sanctuary Lakes team will assist you in the visa application, and possible required permits.

Overall it is not too difficult to stay in Thailand long term if you don’t work anymore. When one is still actively employed it gets a bit more complicated, however Thailand is implementing new regulations for the modern employee who wishes to work from home.

Foreigners are free to purchase a local vehicle. It is easy to obtain a local drivers license (car or motorbike).

The Sanctuary Lakes team will assist you with visas and permits, or introduce you to trusted local partners which can help out with more complicated situations.

The More Serious Stuff

As a foreigner far away from your home country you want to ensure that various administrative items are well taken care of. The Sanctuary Lakes team has a lot of expertise in handling and applying for the paperwork that fits your situation.

We do have a network of specialists, consultants and lawyers, which might be required for your specific situation.

A retiree has different requirements and visas, than a young family with school going kids, and still wanting to work or run a business.

In all of the above the Sanctuary Lakes team are able to assist and consult. 

Taxes & Income

As a foreigner you are allowed to work and own a business in Thailand, with the correct visas and permits in place. Income from abroad will be taxed, but the tax rates in Thailand are friendly, compared to some of the European countries. Example: a €20,000 net annual income gets taxed with 15% income tax, and a €60,000 net annual income gets taxed with a 25% income tax). 

Foreigners can have mixed incomes (IE various income sources, or income from abroad or in Thailand). €60,000 net annual income gets taxed with a 25% income tax). 

The Sanctuary Lakes team is here to assist you, or provide you with local contacts as accountants, fiscalists, and legal assistance.