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    There are JUST too many to name in and around Hua Hin. The town has enjoyed “Royal Patronage” for hundreds of years with many Kings and Royal Family members constructing an amazing array of Palaces and Temples/Wats/Gardens all within the area. These provide visitors with an opportunity very “unique” to Hua Hin to see for themselves a very “proud and amazing” Royal Thai history.


    When we tell people where we live, we always say Hua Hin, since most people, especially those familiar with Thailand know of Hua Hin. There is however a “hidden gem” close by, Pranburi a small town (even smaller than Hua Hin!) about 20 km south of Hua Hin center and 20 minutes from Sanctuary Lakes. Pranburi is comprised of 3 sub-towns: Pak Nam Pran and Kao Kalok, both located on the beach, and Pranburi, located inland. These areas, especially Pak Nam Pran and Kao Kalok, cater to a different market than Hua Hin, for those seeking an even quieter, less touristy area than Hua Hin.  


    Pranburi, and Pak Nam Pran specifically, is focusing heavily on the eco-conscious and green-thinking consumers, something Thailand is picking up on. Many resorts and restaurants along the Pak Nam Pran strip now offer organic produce and communal gardens, locally sourced and handmade art.  

    With the abundant outdoor activities and the national park in close proximity, the area attracts active people who enjoy the outdoors. Cyclists enjoy Pak Nam Pran, Kao Kalok and Dolphin Bay (just south of Pranburi) for their beauty and beaches. Kite surfing is another hugely popular activity along the coast from Hua Hin to Dolphin Bay, and Pak Nam Pran has a few charming spots that cater specifically to the kite surfing crowd.


    Slightly further south of Pak Nam Pran is the area of Kao Kalok, designated by a mountain at the end of the road and continuing for another few kilometers along the coastline and stretching inland for approximately 1-2 km.  Kao Kalok is even quieter than Pak Nam Pran and significantly more rural. A little further South is Sam Roi Yot National Park abundant with natural wild life, fauna, mango swamps and fishes. Rangers offer amazing tours around a stunning National Park daily.


    Golf is fast becoming one of the major attractions for visitors to Hua Hin. The climate, combined with unparalleled scenery and top class facilities make Hua Hin the ideal golfing destination.

    You can play golf all season round, in comfortable temperatures and in beautiful surroundings (Not to mention Caddies that will make your Round memorable). There are in excess of 10 golf courses in close proximity to Hua Hin including Thailand’s first ever Golf Course “The Royal Hua Hin’ . When you add to this exclusive Courses such as The Banyan (7/8 minutes away from Sanctuary Lakes), Black Mountain, Springfield and Majestic Creek. Then you will find Courses to suit all tastes and skill levels are available.


    Not many countries have such a dedication to relaxation as Thailand. Thai massage has for centuries been enjoyed by people around the world, and visitors should never leave the country without having submitted to the incredible techniques of Thai practitioners on their home soil.

    Sampling Thai massage is as easy as walking into one of the many small shops in Hua Hin, or looking out onto a perfect blue sea as one of the beach-side practitioners work their magic in Hua Hin as well as in Pak Nam Pran and Khao Takiab .


    One of the biggest contributions to winning people over in Thailand and Hua Hin is made by the cuisine. Now famous the world over, it’s hard not to find something to appeal to your palate, no matter what your taste.

    From the cheapest roadside stalls to the most sophisticated city restaurants, Thai dishes will enchant your taste buds. The succulent fish, delicately flavored stir fries, tangiest curries and freshest fruit and vegetables are all just the norm in Thai cooking. Not to mention the “amazing” variety of fish dishes straight from “the sea” cooked taking into account local dishes/ingredients!

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